Sunday, November 16, 2008

Glass painting

Some people think that glass painting is for people who have a talent in art that would be able to do it. We have proven that without an art skill as long as you have the interest, you could be glass painters.Practically once you are engrossed with this hobby you will always see things/objects as an idea for the glass painting.You could use unwanted bottles to be candle holders or vases .
We are in contact with pool of certified trainers (inclusive myself Kamaliah) in Glass Painting by PEBEO.Names listed in the PEBEO website under - Where to learn.. Malaysia .
For those who are interested to join our Glass Painting Class , under our company Sweets Planet Sdn Bhd we have our office/studio at 19-2 Jalan Jelatek 2, Jelatek Business Park,KL.

Glass Painting

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  1. Dear Kamaliah,

    Congratulations on your fine efforts. Welcome to the world of Bloggers !

    flyer168 aka Lokman Sardon