Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Malaysian Grimsbians e-reunion -1976-1980 - Grimsby College of Technology

A member from batch 1977-1979 has tried to make an effort since 2008 to trace contacts for all Grimsbian especially year 1976-1980...propose to have reunion end of Aug 2008 but...

Year 2009, we would like to realise this plan.Since most of the members has past the 50th century or approaching 50th century birthday celebration..we should be grateful ,bersyukur kepada Yg Maha Esa yang telah memberi kita rezeki dan rahmat dalam meniti kehidupan sepanjang tempoh kehidupan kita.Setiap dugaan yang dilalui ada hikmah disebaliknya.

We have managed to keep in contact with a few members via facebook, personal contacts..What a wonderful achievement that each of the family has achieved ..career , family..

Oh we can't wait to set a date and meet each others again with our families.Our teens life will emerge back in our memories and that will rejuvenate us..The memories will always keep us young and happy even though we are half centurians..

Welcome Malaysian Grimbians..

Dato Ir Jauhari Hamidi

Professor Dr Ali Yeon

Prof Dr Rozhan Idrus

Rosli Md Tan

Zaidah Jaafar

Sabariah Ghazali
Rozhan & Roshada's Family

Kamaliah's Family

Rosli's Family

Hisham's Family...


  1. I was a student in Grimsby Batch 1980-81.
    I was Sabariah's junior & have contact nos of many of my seniors & most of my batch.
    Do email me so that we can meet up sometime, insyaAllah.

  2. Hi,I was one of the first six A-level students sent by MARA and JPA to Grimsby. We arrived in October,1974. The group:
    -Khalid Ramli
    -Suhaimi Manaf
    -Ismail Fatah
    -Jamaludin Alek
    -Leng Haji Jack
    We are still in contact, albeit once in a long while. Also in contact with some juniors. My email is abang.hatta@gmail.com
    Ir. Dr. Abang Hatta Abang Taha

  3. Hi, I came after Abang Hatta's batch in '75. Now in occasional contact with my fellow batch-mate Ahmad Nasim Ahmad Mahir. Regards. Tq for ur efforts. Razip

  4. Salam.. I am Mohamed Suhaimi Aminullah (1977-79 batch). My contact no is 010 9159215.