Monday, November 16, 2009

Malay Traditional - Johorian pineapple tart , kuih makmur and wajik

Johorian Pineapple Tart

Traditional pineapple tart from Johore- the design is unique.

After more than 10 years that I have not prepared the traditional Johore tart design,it sparked off when I visited my sister ..she was training her daughter to prepare the tart.We prepared the dough following our family traditional recipe. We used butter..brand.."Golden Churn Australia Butter".The taste is very nice..creamery pure butter.

We used special clipper to create the design.

Kuih Makmur

For kuih makmur we used ghee. It's like curry puff but the filling is grounded ground nuts + sugar. After baking sieve sugar on top..... The design is also special..leaf design.


This is special delicacy using glutinous rice , coconut milk and "gula melaka" and durian

For those interested we can have a special class for the above or we could take orders for any occasion.Contact Kak Mal: 013-3530131

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