Monday, May 7, 2007

Spring in Norway

23rd April 2007 I have a chance to follow my husband to Norway but alas! we were travelling on different flights, he was via Amsterdam and I was via Stockholm and Oslo .Glad that he was on earlier flight thus he was able to fetch me at the airport. It was about 10.30pm when I reached there and the temp was a bit cold at night may be about 9C.

It was spring - temp about 15C rainy for the first two days but luckily on the 3rd day it was sunny.Tulips , daffodils and other flowers that I do not know the names (I'm going to find out) blooming..

There are quite a number of Asians there particularly Thais - there are a few Thai restaurant, Vietnamese - there is a Vietnamese Asian store.The places that we went include Stavenger and Bergen. Someday we'll visit again next time for a longer duration (May/ June the best time to take cruise to see the fjords)

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