Monday, February 1, 2010

Love the Nature...Hobby ..Bird Watching

I was really excited to see the photographs of all kinds of beautiful ..colourful birds captured by my friends who just came back from bird watching outing. They have their Canon cameras with zoom lenses to capture the birds in actions...

Wow a great hobby..I wanna create this hobby together with my family members who all love photography..really complementing....anyone who wants to join us ..lets plan out ..

Just to share more info....

Everything You Need To Know About Birdhouses

Among the countless hobbies people engage in, bird watching has become one of the most popular hobbies in the United States. Such is the popularity of this hobby that a plethora of resources have been made available in all sorts of forms. Books, videos, software, and even websites have been released and set up especially for bird watching enthusiasts.

One of the best resources on bird watching you can find on the Internet today is Birdhouses 101. This website realizes the need for accurate and comprehensive information about birds and bird watching. Focusing on North American birds, Birdhouses 101 offers a veritable treasure trove of information for the bird watching enthusiast – from the novices to the experienced.

At Birdhouses 101, you will find an extensive list of North American birds. From the American Goldfinch to the Wren, you will find them here. Under each bird category, you will find a lot of information relating to the mating habits, feeding preferences, and nesting preferences of each species. In addition to this, you will discover other interesting facts about the birds. As the website name implies, you will also find specific information on how to build a bird house for each of the bird species listed in the site. More than that, the site provides information on the ideal location and positioning of the bird houses.

For beginners, or even for expert birdwatchers who simply enjoy looking at photos of their favorite birds, Birdhouses 101 presents a comprehensive gallery of the birds featured in the site. All you need to do is go their gallery link and you can view the birds to your heart’s content. You can even add your input by rating the photos of the birds as well as sharing your own bird photos. At Birdhouses 101, they believe in interaction between bird enthusiasts.

More than the basic information about each bird species listed in the site, you can also find a host of other materials and resources that will make your bird watching activities a fulfilling experience. There are general articles and guidelines regarding bird house designs and materials. You can also help yourself make an informed decision on whether to build your own bird house or to buy one. Birdhouse 101 offers advice in this matter. You can also learn more on how to attract birds to your bird house or nest.
It doesn’t end there, though. Birdhouse 101 believes that building houses and nest and attracting birds are not enough. The bird enthusiast must also know how to take care and protect their birds and their young. You will find guidelines on just how to do this at Birdhouse 101 as well. Other helpful resources that can be found in the website are guides to bird watching equipment and bird watching books.

If you are just starting on your bird watching adventure, Birdhouses 101 is the site to visit before you begin your journey. As for those with years of bird watching to their name, you will surely find interesting insights at Birdhouses 101.

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  1. nice..nxt time bole ajak..our camera da lama's so busyyyyyy...need time to relax & enjoy watching the nature