Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Reading for kids...Ladybird..Peter and Jane series

For the past few days, I have been nagged by my little girl to have her own set of Peter and Jane series.These were the books that she was exposed to when she was in the kindergarten school near our home.When I asked the teacher whether we could have the books, she told me that these were used for reading at the school only. Now she wants to learn at home as she start her school holidays early.

My previous children were using the Disney series of books as their starter and later Young Scientist.So I have to research through the internet and through my close friend whom we normally share on parenting and about our children developments.I searched the  Ladybird website... These books have become vintage books .Later to the Amazon website Play with Us (Key Words).

"Hah nilah buku yang Nilam nak"..Yes this is the book that I want...

So almost half a day to list the book series and to calculate the budget.Before purchasing I decided to call again my friend as pestered by the little girl .."Mama telefonlah Auntie..tu..tanyakan"
She suggested to go to the bookstore, they might still have it..maybe Minerva..

Then later in the morning we decided to go to Wangsa Walk Mall..there's Popular bookstore to try our luck if they have the series.After going round the store, then I found the books. At the payment counter the cashier suggested to buy the series in the box i.e: 1a ,1 b,1c and 2a,2b and 2c ...that's better with further discounts..oh we still have those in Malaysia, I thought they were already in the Vintage collectors items.

Now my little girl loves the set and she has completed reading 1a and some pages from the other books.

These books are good to introduce English reading to children ......

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  1. Both Jad & Alyssa used those books,I actually have the whole set initially, but since Jad has started using it, a few has gone missing he he he,you don't have to buy all the "c" books because they rarely use it....jimat sikit. Jad is now reading 10a, he started 1a last year. Good luck Nilam, maybe next time Nilam & Jad can practice reading together ;D