Monday, January 18, 2010

Fundamental Financial Planning.Menabung...Dulu-dulu

My late father's pocket diary recording his financial management

I came from a small income family.I treasured my late father's financial tracking. My father kept his income and expenses records in his small pocket diary.I still treasured my late father's diaries..I have his collection from year 1956 to 1962.At that time the monthly income was only about RM100 and the daily expenses was only about RM1.25 ~ RM2.50.My father still managed to support my mum full-time housewife and seven children and brought us up to where we are now.
The diary the year that I was born

The expenses made on the day I was born -$25

I love you Abah.... & Emak...

Al Fatihah to my late father Allahyarham Hj Azahari bin Hj TalibMy father's photo in his 1960 diary

We started with stamp books from the post office.I was introduced this when I was still small.This was way back 40-50 years ago.Once the book was full..RM10 or RM20..then we could transfer to Buku Simpanan Pejabat Pos.We were proud to have the savings book.

We also kept our small coins 5 sen, 10 sen in Tabung Buluh, then tabung ayam - we have to break this when it was transfer to the savings book.When I was in the primary school my pocket money was only 10sen. If I did not spend it I kept it in my tabung.My mother kept the daily pocket money in the bottle where we take ourselves but we were disciplined that we only take 10sen per day.

When we wanted to have extra income, we sell sweets, asam boi ,buah jambu bol, buah kemang and before Raya we weaved ketupat .We had our regular customers who purchased from us.

When I was in the secondary school I was lucky to be awarded the Biasiswa Dato' Onn and since then I have my own pocket money..I can't remember how much but it was sufficient even to buy baju raya.

I often participated in the newspaper competition and won a few hundred ringgit and books.Hey..upto now I was always lucky to have won a few lucky draws. Oh..i should participate the cross word puzzle...who knows I am still lucky

Alhamdulillah after MCE I was awarded with JPA scholarship and studied overseas. It was sufficient for our expenses and with proper financial management I could even travel around Europe at an early age ~ 18yrs old

I still practiced 'jimat cermat' least 10% of income for saving when I started working by contributing 5% of my salary to Koperasi Jimat Cermat and 5% in ASN ..if and when I have extra it was just in my savings account.

With proper budgeting ..allocation for parents, meals, transport, personal expenses , at times I can even support my loved ones...

After about 8months working and after I have got my driving license, I managed to purchase my first car..Mitsubishi Tredia.

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