Sunday, January 24, 2010


Thank you IluvIslam for organising your team ...thank you anak2 for listening to mama's story ...and the best part was sharing the housekeeping concept ...5S - a systematic approach of housekeeping...and the implementation part..

What is 5S?..

1. S - Seiri - Sort -identify and eliminate all unnecessary items
2. S - Seiton - Systematic arrangement - put necessary items in good order
3. S - Seiso - Spic and Span - clean the workplace thoroughly
4. S - Seiketsu - Sanitise - develop standard for good housekeeping ... maintained
5. S - Shitsuke -Self Discipline - all members practice the 4S's spontaneously and willingly as a way of life or culture

This concept can be applied room..your locker...your PC....

Congratulations my boys and girls..great job...for today...May Allah blessed you..

Wahai anak2...let us identify other locations to perform our 5S...and keeping the areas always clean and shine as our culture...

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